Body Slimming Machine

3-in-1 Slimming and Healthcare Machine

  • 3 technologies in 1
  • Physical treatment
  • Adjustable press
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

Take a Closer Look

  • Closer look

    3-in-1 Slimming and Healthcare Machine

    Far Infrared+ Pressotherapy+ EMS
    This machine is designed based on human bionic theory.
    It combines technologies of far infrared heating, physical airp ressure massage and EMS(electrical muscle stimulation),and will get significant effect such as lymphatic detoxification,pain relieve and body slimming.

    3 technologies in 1
    -far infrared+pessotherapy+EMS

    Adjustable energy parameter
    3 pressure,controllable temperature and various EMS modes for different treatment.

Powerful Functions

  • Body slimming

    The 10 pairs of EMS pads will stimulate the major muscle groups to exercise simultaneously with much energy, which will help to burn the fatness to achieve the slimming effect.

  • Muscle pain or fatigue removal

    The air pressure will massage on arms, legs, waist, foot to relax all the body parts.

  • Lymphatic detoxification

    the hot energy from the far infrared will help to facilitate the metabolism system for good healthcare.

Product Structure

  • Touch screen
    -For clear and easy operation
  • EMS pad interface
    -10 in total.
    Pressotherapy suit interface
    Heat emission opening
    - protect the machine from burning out.
    Switch on/off button
    Power cord interface
    -AC110V or AC220V is matchable.


Basic Parameters

  • Power

    250 W

  • Input voltage

    AC110/220V,50/60 Hz

  • Pressure

    0.025 Mpa

  • Temperature

    9. 35~80 degree

  • Gas displacement


  • G.W.

    26 kg

  • Pkg Size

    56*46*52 cm/VWK:26.79 kg

  • Item No.


  • Description

    3 In 1 Far Infrared Pressotherapy EMS Slimming Machine


How It Works

Far infrared
Far-infrared heating helps the body sweat and metabolize, eliminating toxins.

Compression therapy is a physical method of massaging the body by applying pressure to certain parts of the body, so as to promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue of the body muscles and relieve pain.

EMS is short for electrical muscle stimulation, also known as electrical muscle movement technique.
The microcurrent produced by EMS can rejuvenate muscles, accelerate metabolism, and achieve significant weight loss and health care effects.
  • principle

  • principle

  • principle

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