Anti-aging Machine

Best Desktop RF Microneedling Machine For Skin Tightening And Treatment

  • 5 technologies in 1 machine
  • Painless mesotherapy
  • Easy operation
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Desktop RF plastic machine

    This mesotherapy machine integrates 5 technologies in one, it’s multi-functional, painless and easy to operate, which makes it very popular in beauty salons and families for skin moisturizing, skin lifting, wrinkle removal, etc.
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    5 technologies in 1 machine

    This machine adopts electroperforation, electroosmosis, nano spraying, RF, LED five technologies. Electroporation opens up tiny channels in cells, and electroosmosis allows nutrients to enter cells better. Nanomays and RF make it easier for essential nutrients to be absorbed by skin cells, and LED lighting helps improve skin problems.

Powerful Functions

  • Improve skin problems

    The LED energy helps to improve skin problems such as acne, scars, redness etc.

  • Wrinkle removal

    RF energy tightens loose old collagen while stimulating regeneration of new collagen, promoting blood circulation, improving metabolism, and removing wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Skin lifting & tightening

    The essence is atomized into a nano spray, and the heat of the RF energy promotes the essence nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the skin cells, making the skin tenser and firmer.

  • Skin moisturizing and brightening

    Electroperforation and electroosmosis technology can effectively introduce the essence of nutrients into the skin cells, so that the skin becomes moist and elastic.

Product Structure

  • Nano spray button
    Atomize essence to be as small as nano spray for skin easier absorption.
    RF energy intensity adjustment button
    6 gears intensity adjustable.
    RF energy intensity adjustment button
    6 gears intensity adjustable.
    RF energy intensity indicator
    6 gears intensity indicator, turns red when working.
    Mesotherapy handpiece
    Solution bottle built-in design, steady and save space.
    Solution bottles
    Transparent bottle, the solution in the bottle is clear at a glance.


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Basic Parameters

  • Power

    24 W

  • Input voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • RF Frequency

    1M Hz

  • G.W.

    1.52 kg

  • Pkg Size

    35*33*9 cm/VWK:2.1 kg

  • Item No.


  • Description

    Portable RF And Spray Mesotherapy Machine


How It Works

Under the stimulation of electric shock, the lipid bilayer of the cell forms electric shock pores, allowing the essential nutrients to enter the cell better.
Atomizing nano spray
The essence is atomized into a nano spray, and the tiny molecules are more easily absorbed by skin cells.

RF Energy
Thermal radiofrequency can cause the contraction of old collagen and stimulate the regeneration of new collagen, so as to promote the better absorption of essential nutrients.
  • principle

  • principle

  • principle

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