Anti-aging Machine

Foldable led pdt light therapy machine with 7 colors

  • 7 color lights for skin care
  • Fordable design
  • Easy operation
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    LED light therapy machines

    LED light therapy machines are the most popular non surgical anti-aging treatment around the world. This LED beauty machine is a collection of 7 color lights with 5 modes to solve different skin problems. Synogal pdt led light therapy machine is easy to store. Conveniently folds up for storage in a closet or drawer when not in use. Seven colors perfect for different treating.
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    7 color lights for skin care

    With 6 different monochromatic lights in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white light,it helps to achieve skin whitening and brightening, remove wrinkles and acne scars, nutrients absorption help results.

Powerful Functions

  • Promote Ca2+ easier absorption

    The hybrid white light energy converts subcutaneous cholesterol into vitamin D3, thereby promoting the synthesis of calcium from food into the calcium that body needs.

  • Acne & scars removal

    The blue light, yellow light and purple light energies have the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, so it helps to remove acne marks and expedite scars recovery.

  • Wrinkles removal

    The red light energy goes deep into the skin to stimulate regeneration of new collagens, improving blood circulation and metabolism, which helps to remove wrinkles.

  • Skin whitening & brightening

    The green light energy fades melanin makes skin whiter, and promotes new cells growing to make skin brighter.

  • Skin lifting & tightening

    The red light energy stimulates regeneration of new collagen, making skin to be elastic.

Product Structure

  • Operation screen
    - Big size and easy operation.
    Fordable part
    - Possible to fold it to save space.
    LED lamp bead
    -Adopt Philips lamp beads, high reliability and long life-span.
    Fordable part
    - Possible to fold it to save space.


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Basic Parameters

  • G.W.

    4.8 kg

  • Pkg Size

    34*25*33 cm(VWK:5.61 kg)

  • Max Power

    36 W

  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.


  • Lamp number

    264 pcs

  • LED color


  • Description

    Fordable Seven Color PDT LED Beauty Machine


How It Works

Seven different wavelengths of colored light use the biological wave light source to act on skin quickly and effectively, the energy can be absorbed by the mitochondria of skin cells, improving cells activity, which produces the most efficient photochemical biological reaction, and converts light energy into intracellular energy. The energy promotes the metabolism of cells, meanwhile, effectively inhibits the activity and production of tyrosinase, preventing the transmission of the message of making melanin, which leads to the failure of melanin to form, and achieves the effect of rapid repair and lightening of pigment.
  • principle

  • principle

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