Breast Care Machine

Negative pressure breast enhancement Machine

  • Multi-functional machine
  • Natural physiotherapy
  • Adjustable and visible vacuum intensity
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Negative pressure breast enhancement instrument

    It is a multi-functional machine that can be used on different body areas, it is easy to control and operate with adjustable and visible vacuum intensity. It is popular for its natural physiotherapy, non-invasiveness and safety.
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    Multi-functional machine

    This machine is equipped with 30pcs cups and 3pcs metal tips of different sizes. It is not only popular for breast enhancement, but also can be used for buttocks lifting, cupping, dregging meridians, detoxifying lymph, relieving fatigue and other different body parts treatment.

Powerful Functions

  • Fatigue relieving

    The vacuum adsorption sucks out the moisture from the lesion, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, and is very helpful to relieve fatigue.

  • Lymphatic detoxing

    The vacuum negative pressure opens the capillaries and pores so that the pathological products in the body are discharged from the skin pores.

  • Breasts enlargement

    Vacuum adsorption pressure makes the breast do physical vibration movement, promote blood circulation, activate the breast cells to stimulate breast enlargement.


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Basic Parameters

  • Cup quantity

    30 pcs + 3 mental tips

  • Input voltage


  • Vacuum

    45-55 cmHg

  • G.W.

    5.25 kg

  • Pkg Size

    37*37*33cm cm/VWK:9.04 kg

  • Item No.


  • Description

    Vacuum Body Shaping And Cupping Machine


How It Works

Through vacuum adsorption, the pressure will make the breasts to exercise in a physical vibration. This helps activate the breast cells and speed up the production of growth hormone, which boosts body shaping and skin lifting. In addition, cupping helps detoxify and is good for your health.
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