Body Slimming Machine

Portable ems units muscle stimulation equipment sale

  • 4 levels of pulse intensity (Adjustable)
  • 5 working modes
  • 11 pairs of pads for different uses
  • Fat loss + muscle training+health care
  • Non-invasive & painless
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Easier to control and operate with micro-computer system and digital display.

    Synogal portable muscle stimulator machine is the latest technology to be available on the market. It has a smaller, more comfortable footprint than traditional machines while still delivering effective treatments.Offering powerful and reliable electrical impulses, these portable electronic muscle stimulators have a greater degree of control compared to other types of muscle stimulation equipment. They allow for greater customization in adjustments as well with adjustable levels of pulse strength, treatment area and frequency. Application Areas: arm, shoulder, leg, neck, back and body. This machine can be effectively used in a professional spa as well as at home.
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    Ten pairs of silicon gel electrode patch with super conductivity and infrared.

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    Ten sets of electrode pulse output, working independently or simultaneously.

    Allow operating slimming and skin manipulation on the whole body at the same time or just one body part.
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    Five different pulse waveforms enable patients to choose the waveforms they need, and adjustable massage intensity makes treatment safer and more comfortable.

Powerful Functions

  • Breast shaping and enlargement

    Using the EMS to tighten the breast, it strengthens the chest muscles so that the breast skin is tightened and then the whole breast is lifted.

  • Body Shaping

    EMS promotes high levels of metabolic activity, both during and for hours after training. The faster your metabolism, the better your body is able to burn fat and gain muscle.

  • Body Toning

    EMS activates nerves in your body by delivering electrical impulses that cause your muscles to contract and then relax. This contraction is similar to the contraction during exercise, producing benefits similar to those of physical activity.

  • Back Pain Relief

    EMS delivers electrical pulses to the muscles around the area of back pain, which relaxes muscle, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and reduces muscle spasms.

  • Electro Muscle Stimulation

    Electromuscular stimulation (EMS) is the use of electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions. After 5-6 weeks of EMS treatment, muscle mass will increase by about 1% and muscle function will improve by about 10-15%.

Product Structure

  • Timer
    Time +
    Time -
    Start/Stop button
    Speed regulation button
    Mode selection button
    Auto Mode button
    Energy regulator
    Energy output port


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Basic Parameters

  • Loose time

    0.1 ~ 5S

  • Pads no.

    11 Pairs

  • Shrink time

    0.1 ~ 5S

  • Pulse intensity

    4 levels (Adjustable)

  • G.W.

    7.2 kg

  • Pkg Size

    45*31*16 CM / VWK:4.46kg

  • Max Power

    30W (max)

  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.



How It Works

The device generates electrical pulses to stimulate special parts of the body, which can effectively regulate the bioelectric and endocrine systems, and accelerate metabolism to achieve significant weight loss and skin toning effects.

The instrument adopts frequency scanning circuit and microcomputer system to generate stimulating bioelectricity, accurately grasp the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and release pain and pressure.

This machine has 10 pairs of electric stimulation pads, which allows operating slimming and skin tightening on the whole body at the same time.
  • principle

  • principle

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