Anti-aging Machine

Portable multifunctional anti-aging rf skin tightening machine

  • Skin anti-aging for area around eyes
  • 4 in 1 multi-functional machine
  • Smart touch screen design
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Portable RF skin tightening machine

    This multifunctional eye beauty machine is a collection of BIO, RF, hot energy and cold energy probes. It is very popular at beauty salons or home use for skin lifting and tightening on area around eyes, it also provides wrinkle & eye bag & dark circle removal, etc.
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    Skin anti-aging around eyes

    Wrinkle & eye bag & dark circle removal, improves blood circulation, promotes regeneration of collagen, helps essential nutrients absorbed more easily.

Powerful Functions

  • Skin soothing

    The cold energy helps to shrink pores, calm the skin, eliminates redness and sensitivity.

  • Skin lifting and tightening

    The RF energy helps to stimulate the contraction of old collagen and the regeneration of new collagen for skin tightening, lifting and wrinkle removal.

  • Eye bag & dark circle removal

    BIO technology stimulates skin cells and opens pores, hot energy promotes essential nutrients absorbed more easily by skin cells around the eyes, improves metabolism and blood circulation and stimulates regeneration of new collagen.

Product Structure

  • Touch screen
    tilted design screen for better visualizing operation
    BIO probe
    six-polar ecectrode design for safe operation.
    Heating probe
    constant 42℃ temperature for skin care.
    RF probe
    small round design for comfortable treatment.
    Cooling probe
    0~5℃ temperature for skin care.


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Basic Parameters

  • RF Frequency

    1 MHz

  • G.W.

    7.4 kg

  • Pkg Size

    47*30*20 cm(VWK:5.6 kg)

  • Max Power

    35 W

  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.


  • Screen size

    8 inch


How It Works


BIO technology helps to stimulate skin cells, opens pores, helps nutrients to be absorbed by cells more easily. Meanwhile, it stimulates the neuromuscles around the eye and activates the eye cells.


RF energy promote nutrients absorption, improves metabolism, stimulates regeneration of collagen.
  • principle

    Skin lifting and tightening

  • principle

    Dark circle removal

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