Body Slimming Machine

Portable Physical Therapy G5 Vibration Massage Slimming Machine

  • Body slimming & physical therapy
  • Portable, small size
  • Classic slimming machine with a good reputation.
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Portable Physical Therapy G5 Vibration Massage Slimming Machine
    —Health Care And Slimming Machine

    G5 slimming machine gets rid of fat problems and improves the blood circulation to achieve slimming health effect.
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    Body slimming & physical therapy

    With the physical vibration to get rid of the fat problems and relieve fatigue, muscle and puffiness.
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    Portable, small size

    The volume weight is only 6.2kg, greatly saving the transportation cost. And it is packaged in the box, easy to carry and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Powerful Functions

  • Muscle fatigue removal

    Vibration improves blood circulation and metabolism, so as to remove the fatigue.

  • Body slimming.

    Vibration causes energy consumption, so as to get rid of fat problems.


Basic Parameters

  • Maximum Power

    100 W

  • G.W.


  • Pkg Size

    49*33*19 cm (VWK:6.2kg)

  • Working Noise

    ≤60 dB

  • Vibration Frequency

    800-3000 rpm

  • Probe


  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.


  • Description

    Portable G5 Vibration Massage Slimming Machine


How It Works

The G5 Massage slimming machine is based on the principle of physiotherapy vibration. Different probes act on the body to solve the problem of obesity, promote blood circulation and achieve the effect of health and weight loss. Meanwhile, it can effectively relieve fatigue, muscle tension, puffiness.
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