Anti-aging Machine

Synogal 6 in 1 hydrodermabrasion machine with ergonomic design

  • Multifunctional for a completed skin care
  • Easy operation
  • Classic model
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Synogal 6 in 1 Hydrodermabrasion Machine Wholesale

    The 6 in 1 hydrodermabrasion machine is the professional tools for manual exfoliation treatment. It is widely used to remove dead skin cells, smooth and brighten the skin surface, reduce patchy areas of dry skin and improve fine line, wrinkles and skin tone. The unique gimmick design of the head captures more oxygen, which dramatically increases product penetration with deeper exfoliation results. It is classic and popular with beauty salons, beauty SPA or even home use with a fashionable design.
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    Multifunctional for full skin care

    With 6 different probes, it is designed for various skin care treatments like cleaning, hydration, whitening, tightening, shaping and so on.
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    Easy operation

    A 7 inch touch screen and smart control system make it very easy to use during treatments.
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    Classic model

    This machine has been in the market for many years, with a steady and solid sales record on different e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc.

Powerful Functions

  • Skin lifting and tightening

    The RF energy helps to stimulate the contraction of old collagen and the regeneration of new collagen for skin lifting and tightening.

  • Skin calming

    The cold energy will help to shrink pores, clam the skin, eliminates redness and sensitivity.

  • Skin cleaning

    The specially designed small spiral suction tips work with the skin cleaning solution fully to get the deep and shallow skin-cleaning results.

  • Skin moisturizing

    The spray probe will minimize the skin care product to tiny mist, and then spray them onto the skin effectively. With the hot energy, the minimized liquids will infiltrate the skin better.

  • Skin whitening and lightening

    The hot energy will help to improve the lymph circulation in order to excrete toxins out of the body, and to get smoother skin.

Product Structure

  • Ion spray gun
    -Great atomization effect.
    Two-polar RF
    -1.5 MHz for comfortable treatment.
    Ice hammer
    -Obvious cold feeling.
    Skin scrubber
    -High frequency vibration for skin cleaning.
    Hydra pen
    -With vacuum pressure from 60-70 cmHg for good cleaning effect.
    Ultrasonic probe
    -Frequency at 1.1 MHz, helps product absorption into skin
    7 inches touch screen
    -Visible and smart control for the operation.
    Adjustment knob
    (water flow)
    Bottle selection knob.
    Adjustment knob
    (negative pressure)
    Bottle remove
    Solution bottle
    -Big volume.


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Basic Parameters

  • Description

    Multifunctional 6 In 1 H2O2 Hydra Dermabrasion Machine

  • Ultrasonic frequency

    1.1 MHz

  • Vacuum pressure

    60-70 cmHG

  • Item No.


  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Max Power

    100 W

  • Pkg Size

    46*30*43 cm(VWK:11.87 kg)

  • G.W.

    8.5 kg

  • RF Frequency

    1.5 MHz

  • Screen size

    7 inches


How It Works

Hydra dermabrasion facial care machine is based on suction & vacuum technologies. The specially designed machine with different cleaning heads work with the skin cleaning solution fully to get both deep and shallow skin-cleaning, cutin and blackhead removal results. It provides a professional - quality exfoliation without harm to skin.
  • principle

    Routine Wash

  • principle

    With Machine

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