Hair Removal Machine

Wholesale ipl shr opt hair removal machine supply

  • Classic type in good condition
  • Multi-functional with 3 wavelengths & 6 models
  • One probe with easy operation
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Wholesale ipl shr opt hair removal machine supply

    Synogal wholesale portable ipl shr opt hair removal machine supply. This portable OPT IPL hair removal machine integrates the functions of hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It uses the latest IPL/OPT technology to effectively remove unwanted body hair without causing harmful tissue damage at an affordable price. Professional and effective selective epilation for the whole body, not just your bikini line. Moreover,the energy is very helpful on freckle removal,acne removal for skin rejuvention.
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    Classic type in good condition

    Classics never go out of style. This classic portable machines achieve stable and consistent results through IPL(OPT)technology, making this machine durable.
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    Multi-functional with 3 wavelengths & 6 models

    3 wavelengths by 3 fliters. 480nm for red blood marks removal. 530nm for freckle removal,skin rejuvention and acne removal. 640nm for hair removal. 6 models combined with Hair romoval、Skin rejuvenation、Pigmentation therapy、Vascular therapy、Acne therapy and OPT SHR.
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    One probe with easy operation

    Less is more. All functions comes from one probe to save time and make operation easier.

Powerful Functions

  • Red blood marks removal

    480nm wavelength: remove red blood marks on the basis of anti-inflammatory sterilization.

  • Freckle removal,skin rejuvention and acne removal.

    530nm wavelength: the treatment of freckles and capillaries, upper surface growth abnormalities, including facial dark spots and deep freckles, brightening the skin.

  • Hair removal

    640 nm wavelength: OPT+SHR+IPL technology helps you remove hair and minimize pores in a painless way.

Product Structure

  • Work Handpiece
    Handpiece Holder
    Touch Screen
    -8 inch touch screen for clear guide operation.
    Emergency button
    -Triple protection for emergency.
    Handpiece Socket
    Key Switch
  • Water Inlet
    Power Cord Socket
    Water Outlet


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Basic Parameters

  • Pulse type


  • Wavelength

    480-950 / 530-950 / 640-950 nm

  • Filter quantity

    3 pcs

  • Handle quantity

    1 pc

  • Spot size

    15*50 mm2

  • Energy

    1-50 J/cm2

  • Continual shooting

    1-30 s

  • Pulse width

    2-15 ms

  • PRR

    1-10 Hz

  • Item No.


  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Max Power

    1,200 W

  • Pkg Size

    59*43*41 cm / VWK:20.8kg

  • G.W.

    22 kg

  • Light Spot

    100,000 shots

  • Screen size

    8.4-inch color touch screen

  • Description

    Portable OPT IPL Machine


How It Works

Intense Pulsed Light technology.
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL hair removal devices selectively absorb long-wave light from 530nm to 1200nm and beam light pulses into the hair roots. It breaks down the roots of the hair and makes the hair growing in that area stop or decrease.

Optimal Pulsed Light Therapy
OPT stands for Optimal Pulsed Light Therapy. it’s an upgraded version of IPL with an even square wave in stable energy .
  • principle

  • principle

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