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Synogal is an beauty salon equipment manufacturers with a long standing collaboration with various beauty brands and beauty salon chains worldwide, we have dedicated ourselves in developing all kinds of cutting edge beauty beauty salon equipment for more than 15 yeas, owning over 300 patents. Our mission is 'Make Beauty Easier'.

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Welcome to the world of beauty salon manufacturing! Here, Synogal provides the highest quality beauty equipment to help you create beautiful results for your clients. We know that when it comes to beauty, every little detail counts. That is why we are dedicated to providing only the best beauty salon equipment at reasonable prices. So browse our selection and find exactly what you need to take your business to the next level! A variety of beauty salon equipment is available, including slimming beauty equipments, facial beauty equipments, physiotherapy equipment and more are coming soon.

  • Facial machine
  • Body slimming machine
  • Physiotherapy machine
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Beauty Solutions

Synogal beauty salon equipment manufacturers provide the professional beauty problem solutions for your needs. You can find solutions for your clients' beauty concerns and the most suitable equipment here, including issues related to obesity, aging, and hair.

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Customization service

Professional Beauty Equipment ODM & OEM

OEM:Making modifications to our equipment, such as adding a logo or customizing the user interface.

ODM: Custom the beauty salon equipment as customer‘s requirments totally.’


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