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When people get an injury or a part of their body is not functioning properly, different rehabilitation methods can be chosen and the appropriate treatment may achieve optimal healing results.

Traditional solutions

External medical treatment

External medical treatment

Rehabilitation training

  • Slow effect
  • Poor effect
  • Requires professional skill.
  • Unable to reach deep enough into the injured area.
  • It can be very expensive
  • Limited equipment
  • Environmental stresses from physical therapy center

Our solutions


  • TECAR stands for transfer energy with capacitive and resistive.
  • It operates at 300KHz and 500KHz energies.
  • It works on superficial and deep tissues, soft and hard tissues.


  • Shockwave is aimed at the affected area, which is the source of chronic pain.
  • The effect of the shock wave causes the calcium deposits to dissolve and leads to better vascularization.


  • Pressotherapy is to put pressure on a certain part of the body.
  • It massages the body to promote blood circulation, eliminate muscle fatigue and relieve pain in a healthy and safe way.


Fast and remarkable effects

Able to heal deep injury areas

Easy to operate, low cost of training

Customized service

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