Best ems cavitation machine to remove banana roll fat

January 10, 2023
The globally popular ems fat burning machine is on sale. Integrating the principles of ultrasonic cavitation with vacuum, RF and Emslim, it’s the best cavitation and ems body slimming machine to remove banana roll fat. RF magnetic wave is also called microwave, which refers to electromagnetic wave with frequency of 300MHz to 300GHz. Compared with the normal temperature of 26.9 ℃, the magnetic wave can generate a temperature more than 80 ℃. It causes the adipose tissue of fat cells to be decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol through the bio thermal effect, and finally it is excreted out of the body through human metabolism.
For the principle: the cavitation effect is from the sound wave pressure (sound intensity for short) transmitted by ultrasonic vibration in the liquid reaches an atmospheric pressure. At this time, the peak value of sound wave pressure of ultrasonic wave can reach vacuum or negative pressure, but in fact, there is no negative pressure. Therefore, a large pressure is generated in the liquid to pull the liquid molecules into cavities and nucleate them. This cavity is very close to vacuum. It breaks when the ultrasonic pressure reaches the maximum in reverse direction.
This shock wave phenomenon caused by the rupture of countless small cavitation bubbles is called “cavitation” phenomenon. The cavitation effect is used to make the fat cells explode and turn into milk, and the triglycerides are decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acids, and then excreted through various detoxification systems throughout the body, which can achieve the effect of fat burning and body shaping.
For the principle: Emsim is the energy output through electromagnetic field, mainly acts on the fascia layer and exerts effects on muscles. It can not only stimulate motor neurons of muscles, trigger muscle contraction, make muscles move passively, consume energy, and promote human body to consume fat; At the same time of muscle contraction, it can also drive the high-speed circulation of lymphatic blood, promote metabolism, and improve human immunity.
Next, we will introduce the three probes of ems cavitation machine in detail. The first is the RF probe, which can achieve the effect of dissolving fat, body slimming and skin tightening. It has a super large planar probe design, which can enhance the penetration of nuclear magnetic waves, effectively and rapidly conduct heat (above 80 ℃), and greatly shorten the treatment time. The most important thing is that it can penetrate into the depth of 10-30MM. It can not only stimulate lymphatic circulation, but also dissolve, soften and explode fat to enhance comfort. In addition, the nuclear magnetic wave lipolysis probe can achieve real-time thermal effect to dissolve subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.
The second is the ultrasonic with vacuum probe, which has the functions of skin tightening, bursting free fat and body shaping. The super strong sound wave explodes free fat and consolidates the effect of fat dissolving. The adjustable suction design can achieve the effect of negative pressure shaping, comfort and painless, and shape the body curve.
The third is the Emslim probe, which can eliminate lactic acid, strengthen excretion and accelerate metabolism. The probe is designed to clamp on both sides, producing pulse effect to make muscles shake, and its constant temperature heat energy improves comfort. What’s more, Its able to stimulate lymphatic circulation, passively move, expel lactic acid, and accelerate metabolism. It is worth mentioning that it can vibrate with high frequency to stimulate cells and improve curative effect.
In conclusion, this popular multifunctional is made with three functions:first, fat dissolving, which can soften and dissolve fat; Second, shaping, which can explode free fat and shape curves; Third, muscle exercise, which can eliminate lactic acid, strengthen excretion and accelerate metabolism.
For the body shaping treatment, it is recommended that the interval of a course of treatment should be 10 times, once a week, and the single treatment time should be maintained for 60 minutes, twice a month. And if you have received other treatments recently, you must have a certain interval before receive the lipotome treatment. For example, it is recommended that you do it 3-6 weeks after liposuction or surgery; and do the treatment 3-6 weeks after delivery; The treatment can be performed one year after caesarean section.

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