2 in 1 9D HIFU beauty machine

September 13, 2022

In October of 2021, an American customer named Christina was interested in the HIFU+RF beauty machine, she bought 1 set sample at the beginning. After she experienced the machine for a period, she said she was very satisfy with the beauty machine and wanted to buy more for re-sell but had customize request.

Reason: every time when I want to increase or decrease the energy, I have to come to the front of the screen to operate, it is inconvenient and a waste of time.

Customize request: find a solution to solve the problem so that adjust energy no need have to operate on the screen.

Porfessional anti-aging RF skin tightening HIFU beauty machine (3)

Synogal discussion: according to customer’s request, Synogal R&D team held meetings to discuss the solution.

Synogal solution: after discussion, Synogal R&D team decided to add energy adjustment buttons on the handpieces. After solution, energy increase / decrease can be operated on both screen and handpiece. The solution sent to customer and got approved.

New sample making: after got customer’s approval of the solution, factory started to make a new sample and sent to customer for actual machine approval.

New sample approval: after customer received the new sample, she was very satisfy with the solution and approved it, finally customer continuously release new orders and built a long-term cooperation relationship.

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