5 in 1 hydra facial machine updated

October 22, 2022

In August of 2021, a distributor customer Muranaka San from Japan was interested in the hydro dermabrasion facial machine, during the communication, Synogal team sent product details for his better leaning of the machine.

Customer’s ODM request: in order to make the machine has more functions, requested add a hot and a cold hammer on the machine, expected the same hammer has both hot energy and cold energy functions.
Reason: hot energy helps to promote essence nutrients are easier absorbed by the skin, while cold energy helps to calm and relax someone’s sensitive skin.

Synogal discussion: according to customer’s request, Synogal R&D team held meetings to discuss how to find a good solution to add the hot and cold hammer.

Synogal solution: Synogal is a professional beauty machine manufacturer, finally came up with a good thought that combined the hot energy and cold energy to a same hammer. This solution sent to customer and got approval.

New sample making: factory started to make a new sample based on the approved technical drawing, sent to customer for new sample approval.

New sample approval: when customer received the new sample, he was very satisfy with the product and Synogal ODM service, and he was amazing that Synogal is a so reliable and trustable business partner, finally built win-win cooperation relationship each other.

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