RF micro needling machine updated

September 11, 2022

An England customer Sophie bought a nano needle wrinkle removal machine in June of 2021, after she received the machine and used for a period, she was satisfied with the machine, and she wanted to buy more but expected to have some improvements.

Customer’s improvement request: after cosmetic essence was injected into the skin, the effect will be better if has additional treatments, such as add RF probe, not only the heat energy will promote cosmetic essence easier absorbed by the skin, the RF technology also has the anti-aging function.

Synogal discussion: based on customer’s improvement request, Synogal R&D team held meetings to discuss the solution of adding a RF probe on the machine.

Synogal solution: Synogal has powerful R&D team with professional technology, after discussion, found a good solution to add a RF probe on the machine. Customer was highly appreciate the solution and approved.

New sample making: factory started to make new sample based on the approved solution, sent to customer for new sample approval.

New sample approval: after customer received the new sample, she was very satisfy with the machine and spoke highly of our ODM services, after that we became very good business partners.

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