Diamond microdermabrasion machine for dead skin

January 12, 2023

Diamond microdermabrasion is a technology that uses the fine diamond grain carving head to remove the cuticle of the skin in the way of local friction with a vacuum pump to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation.
And the diamond microdermabrasion machine uses a patented diamond micro-carving tube combined with diamond head with different thickness diamond particles. By rubbing back and forth with vacuum suction control strength, the epidermis skin is slightly worn off, and it is a non-invasive, physical shallow microdermabrasion.The damaged and aged cells are automatically detached, then the cells from damaged skin no longer adhere to the surface. At the same time, by stimulating the skin growth layer to absorb oxygen and promote blood circulation, accelerate skin tissue development, promote collagen growth. Combined with appropriate skin care method, make the skin become soft, fresh and natural, full of elastic, luster and vitality, make you more beautiful and charming.

Diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion is a method similar to skin exfoliation. It uses a specially designed instrument to remove the outer skin most commonly seen on the face. It can help you take on a softer, younger look and help fight the effects of aging, disease or sun damage. The device can project very fine diamond particles onto the skin to clean pores, loosen dead skin cells before sucking them out, massage and stimulate tissues under the skin to promote oxygenation and blood circulation.

Next, as a experienced microdermabrasion machine supplier,we’ll emphasize its functions and features for you as follows:
1)Ageing cutin removal
2)Skin rejuvenation
3)Blackhead removal
4)Skin whitening
5)Deeply skin cleaning
6)Pores shrinking.

2)Non-invasive physical treatment
3)9 diamond tips
4)3 connecting rods

The process of diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion is rapid, generally painless, and the risk is low. The side effect of small diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion should not be combined with laser surface treatment. This procedure starts with a thorough cleaning of the affected area, including the face, hands, feet, neck or chest. The exfoliator gently and evenly smears the diamond particles, cleans and relaxes, removes unnecessary tissues, and massages under the skin surface. Then treat the skin with toner and lubricating cream to protect it during the recovery period.

Strong pulse light rejuvenation can be safely applied to micro dermabrasion Diamond microdermabrasion can benefit men and women of all skin types from the treatment of fine lines or wrinkles caused by aging or sun damage, acne, skin discoloration, pore enlargement or blockage. It is recommended that women perform this operation after menstruation when their skin is not too sensitive. It is not used to treat warts, obvious scars, rosacea or herpes outbreaks, or birthmarks. It should not be used to remove tattoos, nor should it be used in combination with other skin regeneration procedures, such as chemical peeling or laser surface treatment.

Diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion is used to clean skin pores and remove dead skin cells. The typical diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion treatment lasts about 30 minutes. It is recommended that patients limit sunlight exposure after treatment, but may resume normal activities immediately after treatment. After surgery, the treatment area may feel tight and sensitive in a short time, but it will return to normal in a day or two. According to the severity of the problem, multiple procedures may be required to achieve the best effect.

In addition to providing other exfoliation treatments aimed at improving the skin appearance, some high-end spas also provide diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion. This process can be completed by dermatologists or beauticians, or even by patients themselves buying diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion kits. If the operation is improper, there may be a risk of complications or injury. Patients should discuss the potential risks of any skin surgery with their doctor before attempting such treatment on their own.

It is helpful to reduce the appearance of acne scars, but attention should be paid to prevent further scars. The effect of diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion is not permanent. The outer layer of human skin is often exposed to harmful elements, such as chemicals, sunlight, and natural aging process. In order to maintain its young, healthy and healthy appearance, the skin may need more frequent regeneration treatment as the patient grows older. Patients need to limit the sun exposure after diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion. Diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion is helpful for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. Diamond microcrystalline dermabrasion aims to help the skin recover vitality.

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