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January 19, 2023
EMS, short for electrical muscle stimulation, is a treatment that stimulates the main muscle groups of our body. It uses the newest technology-HIFEM (high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology) to achieve the effect of body shaping, fat burning, muscle tightening and improving, body slimming, buttock toning and skin tightening. It can effectively burn fat cells and excrete them through metabolism; At the same time, it can quickly increase muscle tissue and protein chains. And it can effectively regulate the bioelectric and endocrine system, accelerate metabolism, significantly lose weight.
Hifem machine treatment is also a very effective way for skin whitening and lifting because it stimulates the cells in depth to improve and regulate energy, to decompose and dilute skin melanin, and promotes regeneration to improve firmness and elasticity. Also this helps to replenish water to retain moisture.
EMS slimming machine is specially designed to reduce cellulite, firm and tighten the skin, while simultaneously blasting away unwanted fat cells for a smoother more contoured appearance. It is worth mentioning that it has seven major effects.
First, stimulate electro muscle. EMS is the use of electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions. After 5-6 weeks of EMS treatment, muscle mass will increase by about 1% and muscle function will improve by about 10-15%. Second, massage the neck. Electrical pulses of acupuncture-style stimulation help relieve neck pain, improve blood circulation in the neck and improve sleep quality. Third, relieve back pain. EMS delivers electrical pulses to the muscles around the area of back pain, which relaxes muscle, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and reduces muscle spasms. Fourth, exercise muscles. EMS slimming machine works by stimulating the muscles that are being exercised to strengthen the contractions and make them stronger.
Fifth, tone the body. EMS activates nerves in your body by delivering electrical impulses that cause your muscles to contract and then relax. This contraction is similar to the contraction during exercise, producing benefits similar to those of physical activity. Sixth, shape up the body. EMS promotes high levels of metabolic activity, both during and for hours after training. The faster your metabolism, the better your body is able to burn fat and gain muscle. Finally, it can also reshape and expand the breast. We can use the EMS machine to tighten the breast, it strengthens the chest muscles so that the breast skin is tightened and then the whole breast is lifted.
In addition, the EMS machine is easier to control and operate with micro-computer system and digital display. And it has ten pairs of silicon gel electrode patches, which can adjust the energy of superconductivity. The most important thing is that this machine allows slimming and skin operation on the whole body at the same time or only on one body part, which greatly improves work efficiency. Moreover, its five different pulse waveforms enable patients to choose the desired waveform, and the adjustable massage intensity makes the treatment safer and more comfortable.
The therapeutic effect of this EMS machine is also very significant. Here are three specific examples as following. Take weight loss for example first. A 10-day treatment can reduce 1-8kg. If the EMS machine is used for shaping, the waist circumference can be shortened by 2-9 cm in 10 days of treatment. Of course, the effect of breast enhancement with it is also very good. After 20 days of treatment, the breast can be increased by 1-3 cm. EMS machine can be used for arm, shoulder, leg, neck, back and body treatment. And it can be effectively used in a professional spa as well as at home.
In conclusion, the treatment with this portable electronic muscle stimulator machine is non-invasive. With no discomfort, no downtime, it can make body slimming much easier and more effective.

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