How does 6 in 1 hydrogen oxygen beauty machine work

March 2, 2023

How does 6 in 1 hydrogen-oxygen beauty machine work?

Beauty catches the eye. Said by someone we don’t know but what we surely know is the importance of a beautiful face. With the increase in various aesthetic equipment, you now have so many types of facials that it gets difficult to understand which will suit your skin the most. But worry not because this article will talk about the newest technology that has taken up the market by storm and i.e., the 6 in 1 Hydrogen-Oxygen Beauty Machine.

Let us help you figure out the 6 in 1 beauty machine and how it works.

6 in 1 hydrogen-oxygen beauty machine

The 6 in 1 Hydrogen-Oxygen Beauty Machine can be used for multiple functions. You can use it as a hydra facial machine or exfoliate your skin using the dermabrasion technique. It is a new trend used by influencers and celebrities to bring out the glow and promote the building of collagen. As you age, wrinkles form and your skin lose its charm. The 6 in 1 hydra facial machine removes lines, improves the circulation of blood, and helps rebuild fibrous proteins such as collagen that keep your skin fresh and young.

How does the beauty machine work?

A hydrogen-oxygen facial is a non-invasive procedure done by experienced professionals. It is a hassle-free process that removes the dead layer of your skin and polishes it with an infusion of oxygen-hydrogen fluid.

Through the 6 in 1 beauty machine, your skin gets fully rejuvenated via an oxygen-hydrogen serum containing hyaluronic acid. The 6 in 1 wand delivers a stream of pressurized fluid to the surface of your skin. The technology exfoliates, moisturizes, and smoothens your skin.

The whole process uses the following steps to completely remove excess dirt and hydrate your skin.

  • The 6 in 1 hydra beauty machine starts by cleansing excess oil and removing the dead skin.
  • It then cleans out all clogged pores, and acids such as salicylic and glycolic are applied.
  • The peel-tip wand vacuums all excess impurities such as oil, black/white heads, and sebum.
  • Then an oxygen airbrush hydrates, plumps, and applies serums with the infusion of a brightening serum that massages and smoothens your skin.

Benefits of using a 6 in 1 hydra dermabrasion machine

The 6 in 1 hydra dermabrasion machine doesn’t only rejuvenate your skin but can also easily remove your white/blackheads, clean your pores, remove the dusky, dry, dead skin off your face, and make your face shine like a crystal.

Less time: The total invested time is almost 1 hour. You can continue with your usual activities after getting the facial done. Make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

Rejuvenated skin: One of the biggest benefits of using the 6-in-1 hydra facial is rejuvenated skin. Your skin glows and radiates as the pores absorb hyaluronic acid, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Better skin tone: Because of the hydra-oxygen stream, your skin starts looking even. The glow and the brightness glorify your skin tone, making it more vibrant.

Removes wrinkles/lines: Since oxygen helps regulate blood circulation, your skin looks younger. It removes all lines and wrinkles and helps rebuild collagen proteins.

Acne-free skin: If you suffer through the worst acne, it is because of the clogged pores on your skin. A Hydra dermabrasion facial can relieve you of acne and give you smoother skin. It facilitates the healing of wounds, exfoliates excess tissues, and removes bacteria.

What precautions should you take before undergoing the 6 in 1 hydrogen-oxygen facial?

Taking care of your skin should be your primary concern if you want to look radiant and fresh. However, you should be cautious and do the following to sustain the hydra facial.

  • Use sunscreen as frequently as possible.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as possible.
  • Apply moisturizers throughout the day and especially, before going to bed.


Despite so many new technologies, the 6-in-1 hydrogen-oxygen beauty machine is gaining maximum traction because of its hydrating power. Regardless, facials always help bring a beautiful glow to your skin. It also reduces lines, blemishes, and wrinkles and also clears all pores containing superfluous dirt. Therefore, do your research and go for the best derma hydra 6 in 1 facial such as Synogal beauty machines.

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