New product listed-multi-functional massage gun

September 15, 2022

On October 25th, 2022, Synogal released a new product massage gun. Different from the common massage gun in the market, our massage gun is rechargeable and use the latest advanced technical USB Type C interface, very quick charge to save your time.

multi-functional massage gun01

This is a multi-functional massage gun, it is equipped with 4 different heads for use on different body areas such as cervical spine, arm, back, thigh, joint, calf etc. It is very useful to relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism, this is really a good product to relax our body muscles. Nowadays people are busy working in office but have less time to do exercise, day after day the body will appear sub-health. With this massage gun it will bring your good health back and makes your life and work full of energy again.

multi-functional massage gun green
multi-functional massage gun black

For more details, welcome to Synogal to experience this new massage gun, with our high quality of the product, good price and best service, we are looking forward to building the win-win cooperation relationship with you..

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