Physical Therapy Machine

Non-invasive smart tecar therapy machine supply

  • 6 In 1 TECAR tech
  • 2022 new launched
  • New and fashionable case
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Physio tecar therapy machine

    This multi-functional TECAR machine is a collection of ret, cet and RF technologies. Application: pain relief, detoxification and body slimming It is designed with a new case and new probes, which make the machine more attractive and competitive
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    6 In 1 TECAR tech

    There are six different probes in total, for which four of them are designed with tecar tech while two with RF tech. They are made in various shapes and energy output levels for different treatments.

Powerful Functions

  • Body shaping

    The hot energy from the tecar and rf tech is helpful to dissolve fat cells.

  • Skin lifting and tightening

    When RF acts on the skin, it makes collagen fibers of the derm get heated to 45℃-65℃, then the collagen fibers shrink and get recreated. Through the procedures above, RF energy tightens the skin and removes the wrinkle to produce great results.

  • Pain relief

    The energy from tecar probe will be transferred to the human body and the body temperature will get to about 42℃. And then more white blood cells will be created to facilitate the human immune system for pain reduction.

Product Structure

  • Wristband
    2 pcs to be used at the same time for tecar energy transfer.
    FPR probe
    1 MHz four-polar RF probe for face use.
    SPR probe
    1 MHz six-polar RF probe for body use
    RET probe
    300 KHz with 3 tips in different sizes.
    CET probe
    500 KHz with 3 tips in different sizes.
    Magic scraper
    medical grade stainless steel material.
    Display touch screen
    8 inch clear screen for a better operation.
    On/off button


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Basic Parameters

  • RF Frequency

    300/500 KHz;1 MHz

  • G.W.

    6.5 kg

  • Pkg Size

    45*39*23 cm(VWK:8.07 kg)

  • Max Power


  • Probe

    7 pcs

  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.


  • Screen size

    Screen size


How It Works

Based on TECAR (transfer energy with capacitive and resistive) and RF technologies, with three energy output frequencies in 300 KHz, 500 KHz and 1 MHz,it works on superficial and deep tissues, soft and hard tissues in body for great health care results with high-speed transmembrane movements.
  • principle

    Pain relief

  • principle

    Blood circulation

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