Body slimming machine

Multifunctional 5 in 1 rf vacuum 40k ultrasonic cavitation machine

  • New cavitation tech
  • New and fashionable case
  • Strong vacuum
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Multifunctional ultrasonic cavitation machine

    This multi-functional slimming machine is a collection of cavitation,RF,vacuum and lipolaser technologies.Application:full body slimming+skin rejuvenation.It is designed with new case and new probes,which make this machine attractive and competitive.
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    New cavitation tech

    The cavitation probe is combined with RF tech,so as that cavitation and RF will work together for better slimming result.

Powerful Functions

  • Lymphatic detox

    The energy from lipolaser is good for metabolism improve.

  • Wrinkle removal

    With more new collagen production, the facial wrinkles and lines on forehead will be removed.

  • Skin Tone Brightening

    The heating energy will help to improve the metabolism to make the skin tone brighter.

  • Skin tightening

    RF energy heats the dermal and subcutaneous layers effectively, targeting collagen and elastin fibers, and stimulating new collagen production.

  • Weight loss

    The cavitation energy will help to reduce the fat for body reshaping.

Product Structure

  • Lipolaser plate
    6 big ones+2 small ones for different body part use.
    Body RF Probe
    Six-polar strong energy for skin tightening
    RF&Vacuum Probe
    Adjustable strong suction for different shaping needs.
    Face RF Probe
    four-polar RF for comfortable treatment.
    Cavi & RF Probe
    2 techs in 1 for better slimming result.
    Lipolaser plate


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Basic Parameters

  • Item No.


  • Voltage

    AC110-220V,50-60 Hz

  • Probe

    4+8=12 pcs

  • Max Power

    80 W

  • Pkg Size

    60*60*31/VWK:22.32 kg

  • G.W.

    8.6 kg

  • Vacuum

    100K Pa (max)

  • RF Frequency

    1M Hz

  • Cavitation frequency

    40K Hz


How It Works

About Cavitation

The 40K ultrasound energy will cause the blasting of the fat cell membrane.And then,the triglyceride from the fat cells is disintegrated into glycerol and free fatty acids,and to be excreted out by the lymphatic system. That is,the fat cells are broken and removed.
  • principle

    40K ultrasonic

  • principle

    Fat reduction

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