Anti-aging Machine

Portable 5 in 1 hydra facial machine at home

  • Skin-friendly silicone hydra pen
  • Dual Channel Mist Spray Gun
  • Diamond dermabrasion peeling
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

Take a Closer Look

  • Closer look

    Multifunctional hydra facial machine for full skin care

    With 5 different probes, it is designed for full skin care like cleaning, hydration,whitening, tightening and so on.
  • Closer look

    5 in 1 hydra facial machine

    This machine is a collection of hydra, rf, microcurrent, oxygen injection, and cold & hot hammer.It is very popular with beauty salons, beauty SPA or even home use with a fashionable and small size design.

Powerful Functions

  • Skin calming

    The cold energy will help to shrink pores, clam the skin, eliminates redness and sensitivity.

  • Skin cleaning

    The specially designed small spiral suction tips work with the skin cleaning solution fully to get the deep and shallow skin-cleaning results.

  • Skin moisturizing

    The spray probe will minimize the skin care product to tiny mist, and then spray them onto the skin effectively. With the hot energy, the minimized liquids will infiltrate the skin better.

  • Skin lifting and tightening

    The RF energy helps to stimulate the contraction of old collagen and the regeneration of new collagen for skin tightening and lifting and wrinkle removal function.

  • Skin whitening and lightening

    The hot energy will help to improve the lymph circulation in order to excrete toxins out of the body, and to get smoother skin.

Product Structure

  • Touch screen
    Visible and smart control for the operation
    V-shaping RF probe
    Unique 115 °shape is good for skin outline shaping.
    Cleaning probe
    Made with soft silicone, to give a skin friendly touch.
    Heating probe
    Small size allow it to work around the eyes and the facial area.
  • Hot & cold hammer
    Hot:42℃;Cold:relative temperature -15 ℃
    V-shaping RF probe
    Unique 115 °shape is good for skin outline shaping.
    Spray gun
    A proprietary design to hold gas and liquid separately;Sticky skin care products also available.
    Solution bottle
    Transparent material design to check on the status of the solution conveniently.
    Waste liquid bottle
    Built-in buzzer alarm to protect the machine.


Basic Parameters

  • Container

    200 ML

  • RF Frequency

    1 MHz

  • Vacuum

    80 KPa

  • G.W.

    3.95 kg

  • Pkg Size

    27.5*22.5*55 cm(VWK:7.1 kg)

  • Max Power


  • Probe


  • Voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Item No.



How It Works

Hydra dermabrasion or small bubble aesthetics machine is based on vacuum & suction technology. With the specially designed small spiral suction tips, the small bubbles and nutrients will be mixed fully to work on recipients’ skin directly, which brings a marvelous skin cleaning and skin care result. Synogal Hydra Dermabrasion Machine is a professional-grade skin care tool that is designed to refresh and revitalize the skin. It uses a gentle yet powerful stream of water to remove the top layer of skin, which can improve the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and age spots. The Hydra Dermabrasion Machine is also a great way to remove blackheads and other impurities from the skin.
  • principle

    Deep cleaning

  • principle

    Shrink pores

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