Hydra Facial Machine

Portable 7 In 1 Multifunctional Hydra Dermabrasion Machine

  • Exclusive Hydra Facial Probe Design
  • Hook Shape Ultrasound Scrubber Probe
  • Water Cooling System For Cold Hammer
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

Take a Closer Look

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    Exclusive Hydra Facial Probe Combination

    The machine's Hydra Facial Probe combines a Hydra facial pen and diamond dermabrassion pen in one probe, allowing 1+1 to achieve a cleaning effect greater than 2.
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    Hook Shape Ultrasound Scrubber Probe

    The probe is innovatively designed with a hook shape, which makes the scrubber more curvy and slim, meaning it fits all manner of tiny facial parts.
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    Water Cooling System For Cold Hammer

    Cold Hammer Probe innovatively uses a water cooling system instead of an air cooling system, resulting in faster, more stable and cooler cooling results.

Powerful Functions

  • Skin Toning

    38,000 ultra-high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations of the sickle can effectively loosenthe connection between keratinocytes, seperate old dead cells, and dischargewhiteheads and blackheads in pores. Both dry and wet modes are supported.

  • Skin Rejuvenation

    High pressure Nano tomizing ENI imports nutrients, such as anti aging, nourishing.hydrating, moisurizing, whitening and brightening, etc.

  • Skin Cleaning

    Painless and non-destructive vacuum negative pressureadsorbs pores oil, dirt, blackheads, and old dead skin cells.Deep cleanses skin, dredges skin channel, imports nutrientsfor skin and improves skin absorption ability.

  • Anti Aging

    Activates cells, promotes facial microcirculation, tightens skin, lifts face, and delaysskin aging by microcurrent electrical muscle stimulation and massage.

Product Structure

  • Ice Hammer
    Plasma Probe
    Cleaning Probe
    Spray Gun
    Y shape EMS Probe
    Ultrasonic Probe
    Air Pressure Adjusment
    Water Flow Adjusment
    Touch Screen
  • Waster Water Bottle
    Liquid Water Bottle
    Power Socket


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Basic Parameters

  • Probe number


  • Power


  • Package Size


  • Ultrasound frequency


  • G.W.


  • Screen size

    7 inch


How It Works

Hydra Cleaning:

Hydra dermabrasion machine is based on vacuum & suction technology. With the specially designed small spiral suction tips, the small bubbles and nutrients will be mixed fully to work on recipients’ skin directly, which brings a marvelous skin cleaning and skin care result.  


Ultrasonic vibration can cause material movement in tissue cells, soften tissue, enhance penetration, improve metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate nervous system and cell function, and it is helpful for essence nutrients better absorbed by the skin cells.  


EMS stimulates the tissues to achieve the effect of improving complexion, tighten the skin and improve metabolism, enhance permeability and promote absorption.
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  • principle

    Hydra Cleaning

  • principle


Before & After

  • Anti Aging Before and After
  • Skin Rejuvenation Before and After
  • Skin Cleaning Before and After
  • Wrinkle Removal Before and After

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