Physiocal therapy machine

Vacuum suction BIO meridian massage machine

  • 5 various BIO modes
  • Powerful vacuum suction
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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    Vacuum suction BIO meiridian therapy machine

    Our advanced BIO Meridian Massage Machine utilizes five different waveform bionic microcurrent modes to provide comprehensive meridian massage and back muscle therapy. This innovative technology helps to unblock meridians, improve blood circulation, and relieve muscle strain. Additionally, the integration of vacuum negative pressure scraping therapy enhances blood flow, promotes detoxification, boosts metabolism, and aids in body shaping. Experience the ultimate in therapeutic massage and rejuvenation with our state-of-the-art machine designed for professional salon use.
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    BIO meridian massage technology

    BIO Meridian Massage technology employs advanced bionic microcurrents to stimulate meridian points and muscle tissues using five distinct waveform modes. This method enhances blood circulation, alleviates muscle strain, promotes detoxification, and boosts metabolism. Additionally, the integration of vacuum negative pressure scraping supports body shaping and overall wellness, making it a valuable tool in therapeutic treatments.
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    Warm Vacuum Suction Scraping Therapy

    Warm Vacuum Suction Scraping Therapy combines the benefits of traditional scraping with advanced vacuum and heat technology. This method uses two specialized probes to provide comprehensive treatment. The large vacuum probe is ideal for treating extensive body areas, enhancing blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and supporting lymphatic drainage. The small heated vacuum probe is perfect for targeting corners and smaller body areas, combining vacuum negative pressure with heat to improve circulation, promote deeper muscle relaxation, and facilitate detoxification. By working together, these probes ensure a thorough and effective therapeutic experience, promoting overall wellness and body shaping.

Powerful Functions

  • Pain relieves

    Utilizes BIO to stimulate muscle tissues,providing comprehensive meridian and muscle therapy.

  • Blood circulation

    Vacuum suction helps to improve blood flow,and support iymphtic drainage.

  • Merdian dredging

    Utilizes advanced bionic microcurrent technology to stimulate meridian points

Product Structure

  • Vacuum sculpture(M)
    Vacuum sculpture(S)
    BIO meridian massage
    Negtive electrode conect port
    Power on/off
    vacuum power adjustment
    BIO massage conect port


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    BIO meridian massage probe

    The BIO massage probe is equipped with conductive silicone massage brushes and utilizes five different modes of bionic microcurrents. This head provides scraping therapy while simultaneously stimulating meridians and muscles. It effectively enhances meridian flow, relieves muscle soreness, and promotes better muscle relaxation and pain relief.
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    Large vacuum suction therapy probe

    Ideal for treating large areas of the body, this probe uses vacuum negative pressure to create suction on the skin's surface. It enhances blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, and supports lymphatic drainage, providing thorough and effective treatment for extensive body regions.
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    Small vacuum suction therapy probe

    Designed for more precise treatment, this probe is perfect for targeting corners and smaller body areas. It combines vacuum negative pressure with heat technology, which improves blood circulation, promotes deeper muscle relaxation, and facilitates detoxification.
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    BIO energy transfer negative plate

    Made of soft conductive silicone material, it comfortably conforms to the skin, working with the BIO massage probe to achieve better energy output.


Basic Parameters

  • Handpiece no.


  • Input voltage


  • Touch screen

    7-inch color touch screen

  • Colors



How It Works


The working principle of BIO in the field of physiotherapy primarily relies on its use of biomimetic microcurrent technology. This technology utilizes massage brushes made of conductive silicone gel material, combined with various modes of microcurrents that stimulate meridians and muscle tissues through skin surface conduction. This stimulation helps promote blood circulation, enhance muscle elasticity, and alleviate fatigue and muscle soreness. By precisely controlling the current and the movement of the massage brushes, BIO technology provides a comfortable physiotherapy experience while effectively promoting the body's self-repair and adjustment.

Vacuum Suction

Vacuum negative pressure scraping therapy in physiotherapy relies on suction generated by a negative pressure sensor. It stimulates blood circulation on the skin surface, promotes lymphatic detoxification, and adjusts tissue fluid pressure balance to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance skin elasticity

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