Body Slimming Machine

Vertical EMS radio frequency cavitation machine for body sculpting

  • Unique probe with strong energy
  • Liftable touch screen
  • 4 technologies in 1
  • Fast And Safe Logistics

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  • Closer look

    Cavitation Vacuum RF And Emslim Slimming Machine
    Multi-functional for best result

    This multi-functional slimming machine combines cavitation, vacuum, RF and Emslim technologies.
    Applications: body slimming + muscle building + health care
    Its design of stylish case and unique probe make the machine attractive and competitive.
    Unique probe with strong energy
    The 40K cavitation probe is combined with strong vacuum tech,so as that cavitation and vacuum will work together for better body slimming and body shaping result.
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    Liftable touch screen

    The touch screen can be life up or lift down,which will protect the screen effectively during the transportation and use.

Powerful Functions

  • Improve lymph drainage

    The heat energy of the radiofrequency probe is beneficial for lymphatic detoxification and drainage.

  • Muscle training

    The Emslim tech is helpful for muscle training by promoting muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia) with muscle sports. Meanwhile,muscle sports is good for fat consumption.

  • Body slimming

    The cavitation tech is helpful for fat breaking,the RF tech is helpful for fat resolving,and the Emslim is helpful for fat decomposing.

Product Structure

  • Cavi &Vacuum Probe
    -With frequency 40 KHz.
    RF probe
    -With hot energy for about 80 ℃.
    Screen cover
    -For good screen protection.
    Emslim probe
    -2 probes work in pair.
    Key switch
    -To switch on or switch off the machine.
    Vacuum regulator
    Emergency switch
    -To stop the machine immediately if needed.
  • Probe rack
    Probe rack
    -To protect the machine from the cavitation gel.
    Power cord socket
    -AC110V or AC220V are workable.


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Basic Parameters

  • Power

    300 W

  • Input voltage

    AC110/220V,60/50 Hz

  • Gross weight

    85 kg

  • Probe quantity

    4 pcs

  • RF Frequency

    2400 MHz

  • Vacuum

    52 cmHg

  • Pkg Size

    120*79*75cm(VWK:142.2 kg)

  • Item No.


  • Energy

    0-7 Tesla

  • Description

    Multi-functional Cavitation Vacuum RF And Emslim Slimming Machine

  • Pulse

    300 μs

  • Screen size

    8 inch


How It Works

About Emslim
With electromagnetic energy,it will continuously and fully expand and contract muscles, carry out extreme training to the muscle. And at the same time,more energy consumption is needed from the fat decomposition,to realize the effect of both muscle building and fat loss.

About cavitation and vacuum
With the strong ultrasound energy, the fat cells are vibrated at a very high speed and then they will be broken and removed.
Vacuum will be helpful to focus the ultrasound energy on a specific body part for a better result.Moreover,it is good for body shaping.
  • principle

  • principle

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