Synogal 9 In 1 Hydra Facial Machine for Estheticians

February 28, 2023

Do you know the secret to hydrated and glowing skin? It is the use of the newest Hydra Facial Machine that has made everyone go bonkers. Hydra Facial, also known as the Hollywood Facial is one of the biggest revolutions in the cosmetic and beauty industry. You may see random influencers, celebrities, or even your friends flaunting their love for it because it rejuvenates and freshens the skin.

However, besides it being a simple Hydra Dermabrasion Machine, we now also have the professional Synogal 9-in-1 Hydra Facial Machine for Estheticians with over 9 functions. It is a combination of dermabrasion, bubble, radio frequency, spray, cooling, and heating, as well as micro-current technology. The fact that so many people have raving views about Hydra dermabrasion speaks volumes of the fame that the facial is getting.

This article will discuss the benefits, limitations, and costs of owning a Synogal 9-in-1 Hydra Facial Machine for Estheticians.

How does Synogal 9 in 1 Hydra Facial Machine work?

Synogal 9 in 1 Hydra Facial Machines is specially designed for licensed Estheticians. It takes four steps to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

  • The vortex-shaped wand penetrates and cleanses away particles of dirt and excess oil from beneath your skin.
  • The dolphin scraper removes the dead layer of your skin.
  • The vacuum wand with the special hot and cold function massages and extracts the debris and shrinks the pores of your skin.
  • Lastly, because of the amalgamation of RF and micro-current technology, it tightens your skin, removes wrinkles/lines, and increases the production of collagen.

The use of Hydroxide produced hydrogen molecules that purify the skin making it soft and very moist. The adjustable vacuum technology makes it easy to remove blackheads and give a shinier look to your skin.

What does the Hydra Dermabrasion Machine do?

Hydra dermabrasion facial is a non-invasive treatment that works like a regular facial but with better results. There has to be something going right for the Hydra machine that it has become famous, and that too so soon. So, what exactly is it famous for?

Exfoliates your skin

Regardless of how well you treat your skin right, Hydrafacial treatment will still deeply cleanse your skin. They unclog all clogged pores. With its pore extraction vacuum, all the dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells that hide underneath the top layer of your skin wash away.

Removes acne and pimples

Despite several moisturizers, creams, and toners, isn’t acne still a big problem? Well, the 9 in 1 hydra facial machine can be beneficial in the removal of those ugly pimples and acne. Acne is caused because of bacteria. It sucks your skin and makes it look terrible. Because of the excessive use of everyday makeup, sweat, and pollution, your skin breaks out. Hydra Facial with its deep cleaning therapy acts as an anti-acne treatment. It can reduce the little bumps formed and give your skin a cleaner look.

Hydrates your skin

Hydra dermabrasion machine, as the name suggests, hydrates your skin. You can totally get the glow and shine on your face if you make effective use of the 9 in 1 hydra facial machine for estheticians. It uses a special fluid, filled with vitamins and peptides that penetrate and make your skin look better.

Peels dead skin

Hydra facial accelerates the natural peeling process of your skin. The dead layer sheds off from the surface of your skin, giving room for younger-looking skin to appear. Hydra facial extracts and penetrates deep pores. It fills them with vitamins and promotes the body’s natural renewal process.

Anti-aging treatment

Hydra facial boosts collagen, making you look younger. Although there may be exceptions, it is a fact that hydra dermabrasion slows down skin aging. Because of decreased lines, less pigmentation, and shrinking of pores, your skin looks firmer and stiffer.


Although the cost of Synogal 9 in 1 Hydra Facial Machine for Estheticians may vary, it is still a robust investment, especially if you are into the skin business. With lesser complications, you should get a skin procedure such as the Hydra Facial done by specialized dermatologists, at least once or twice a year.

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