Top HIFU Machines for Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

April 9, 2023

Top HIFU Machines for Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

HIFU machines provide a safe and effective solution for lifting and tightening the face, removing wrinkles, and slimming the body.

About Hifu Machine Manufacturer-Synogal

As a dedicated beauty machine supplier, Synogal has designed, developed, and marketed different hifu machines for global customers since 2011, its hifu equipment covers, 2 in 1 hifu machine, 3d hifu machine, 4d hifu machine, 5d hifu machine, 7d hifu machine, 9d hifu machine, and more under R&D are coming soon, stay tuned!

It has both bases both inside and outside to support its customers all over the world, its hifu machines have passed by FDA, ISO9001, RoHS and CE. Discover more about Synogal

Market for hifu beauty machine

The HIFU machine market comprises medical professionals and cosmetic treatment providers offering non-invasive or minimally invasive solutions for skin tightening, lifting, and body contouring, and is expected to continue growing globally due to rising demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments and technological advancements in HIFU machines.

With recent upgrades in HIFU technology, treatment has become faster, safer, more affordable, and more effective than ever before, allowing for a short, non-invasive procedure that is gaining popularity, particularly among younger individuals who seek to avoid the risks and recovery time associated with surgery. This has led to a rapid expansion of the HIFU treatment market.

Synogal hifu machine delivers what others promise

Anti-Aging RF Skin Tightening HIFU Beauty Machine

  • 3 in 1: This hifu machine comes with multi-function: Facial & Body Reshaping/Skin Tone Brightening/Wrinkles Removal respectively
  • 4 Catridges:

    2.0 mm — penetrating skin to a depth of 2.0mm, targeting epidermis in thin tissue like forehead; 3.0 mm — penetrating skin to a depth of 3.0mm, targeting epidermis in thicker tissue like cheeks; 4.5 mm — penetrating skin to a depth of 4.5mm, targeting thick skin or SMAS layer.9.0 mm — penetrating skin to a depth of of 9mm, targeting thicker skin like thighs.

Ultrasound Hifu Anti Wrinkle Rf Facial Skin Tightening Machine

  • 3 in 1 handpiece:  This HIFU machine features a handpiece that combines RF, HIFU, and cooling functions, allowing all three to work simultaneously without the need to switch handpieces. This innovative design delivers swift and effective results, streamlining the treatment process for optimal efficiency.
  • 15.9 Inches touch screen: Equipped with a large touch screen display, our HIFU machine boasts a clear and user-friendly operation interface, enabling operators to easily read and navigate through settings during treatment.
  • Powerful function: Removal, double chin, wrinkles, fine, additionally, with hiemt built in, this hifu machine works for muscle training and weight loss also.

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